In October 2011 Garrett + Moulton Productions launched its first international outreach project in partnership with the Stand Tall Primary School in Kampala, Uganda. (

This no-fee school offers education to poor and orphaned children. During a month long residency, Janice Garrett and British composer/musician Christopher Benstead developed a performance project and taught methodologies for creative thinking to a group of 90 students. Their goal in working with these disadvantaged children was to provide them with tools that will help them view the world in new and hopeful ways.

 Over the past 30 years, Directors Janice Garrett and Charles Moulton have made it their life’s work to facilitate groups and individuals in learning to overcome internal and external obstacles in order to realize their highest creative capacity. Garrett + Moulton’s work in Uganda was a development of The Ball Passing Project—a community art form, much like a living Rubik’s Cube, that demonstrates the way in which people can cooperate to manifest a complex and interdependent structure. By its nature, this form provides a non-competitive experience of cooperation achieved through the pursuit of a common goal.